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Work History

2023 - Present

Associate Producer & Social Media Producer


Orlando, FL

As an associate/creative producer, I oversee all aspects of production, ranging from pre-production planning and logistics to vendor liaison, onsite execution, and post-event wrap-up. It is my responsibility to manage event production timelines, ensuring that all teams stay on schedule. I work closely with the Director of Production and Account Manager to execute creative elements that align with the client's vision for the project. On the day of the event, I take charge of overseeing support staff, including specialists, vendors, talent, and speakers/emcees. Furthermore, I serve as the event liaison between the client, vendors, and the production team, facilitating effective communication and coordination. I also monitor the delivery of services to ensure that all contract deliverables are met to the client's satisfaction. 

In my role as the Social Media Producer, I was responsible for supervising the production of social graphics, creating content, and managing social media posts. Beyond this, I conducted in-depth hashtag research and handled copywriting to enhance post engagement and increase brand awareness. 

2021 - Present

Production Assistant / Coordinator

The Walt Disney Company

Orlando, FL

As a Production Assistant/Coordinator, I am responsible for a wide range of tasks. Firstly, I handle completing and submitting request forms for catering, talent, and location bookings, ensuring that all necessary arrangements are made for a successful event. Additionally, I take charge of creating and distributing production schedules to the crew and supporting vendors, ensuring that everyone involved is well-informed and aware of their respective roles and responsibilities. Another important aspect of my role is documenting all project meetings, capturing key information and relaying it to the participating departments, facilitating clear communication and alignment. Prioritizing tasks is crucial in my role, as I need to effectively manage multiple projects simultaneously while maintaining projected timelines. Lastly, I have had the opportunity to collaborate with esteemed external partners such as Coach, Good Morning America, Orlando Magic, and Film45, leveraging their expertise and resources to deliver exceptional content.

2022 - 2022

Production Coordinator

Dear World


As a Production Coordinator, I was responsible for managing a diverse portfolio of 10-15 digital events and live projects, both for clients and internal initiatives. This included overseeing the planning and execution of these projects from start to finish. To ensure efficient financial management, I regularly updated budget breakdowns for each project, taking into account different markets and their respective cost considerations. Additionally, I coordinated with rental houses in various global cities to secure the necessary production gear for our events. Hiring a skilled and reliable crew was crucial, and I took charge of conducting interviews and contracting the crew members for our digital and global events. As part of my project management duties, I utilized Asana, a project management software, to set milestones, tasks, and subtasks in collaboration with the CEO and Producers, ensuring that everyone involved was aligned and aware of their responsibilities. During meetings, I was diligent about taking comprehensive notes, capturing key details and noting any discussed next steps, which served as a valuable reference for the team moving forward.


Production Intern

The American Pavilion

Cannes, France

As a Production Intern, I had the opportunity to produce digital content for special events at the InterContinental Carlton Cannes. It was my responsibility to ensure the smooth workflow progress, manage project budgets, and handle client contracts as the key point of contact with the media team. I also took on the role of producing and editing digital content for the American Pavilion and Corkcicle, capturing moments on the red carpet and at various pavilions. Furthermore, I utilized my skills to design and create digital/motion graphics for the 2020 American Pavilion brand. During the film festival, I filmed interviews with the cast and crew members of the film festival entries during the American Pavilion's panels. To keep things organized, I scheduled meetings, managed project expenses, and acted as a liaison with American Pavilion partners and executives. It was a rewarding experience to contribute to the success of these events and collaborate with talented individuals in the industry.


2021 - 2023

Master's in Hospitality and Tourism Management // Destination Marketing

University of Central Florida

During my master's program at the University of Central Florida, I gained extensive knowledge and hands-on experience in Destination and Digital Marketing, including an in-depth case study on Walt Disney World's use of Digital Marketing.

Orlando, FL

2017 - 2020

Bachelor's in Media Production and Business

Grand Valley State University

Grand Rapids, MI

My undergraduate degree from Grand Valley State University equipped me with a solid foundation in media production and business. I learned about various aspects of media production, including video and audio production, as well as marketing and business strategy.

Professional Skillset

Creative Thinking

Project Management

Collaboration & Teamwork

Digital Marketing

Content Creation

Social Analytics


English (Native)

French (Intermediate)

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